Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ways Of Preventing Struvite Crystals In Dogs

Struvite crystals can cause a lot of discomfort to dogs. When left untreated, they can cause urinary infection. In addition, they can form into stones and cause more problems and discomfort to the affected dog.

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from the occurrence of struvite crystals, the best thing you can do is to bring your dog to the veterinarian. The vet can help you determine if your dog indeed has struvite crystals. He can also perform the proper medical procedure needed in order to rid the dog of the presence of these crystals.

The occurrence of struvite crystals is not only frustrating to dogs; it is also upsetting and frustrating to owners. That is why it is essential that as a responsible dog owner, you know ways of preventing struvite crystals in your dog.

There are several ways to prevent struvite crystals from interfering with your dog’s health. We have listed some of these ways below.

1. Ensure that your dog is drinking enough clean water every day. Clean water prevents the formation of struvite crystals in the dog’s bladder and also flushes out harmful bacteria that may accumulate in your dog’s urinary system. Filtered water is best for your dog. Avoid giving it tap water as tap water may contain harmful chemicals that are not good for your dog’s health.
2. Avoid giving your dog commercial food or at least lessen the amount of commercial food that you are feeding your dog. Commercial food may contain chemicals and may have properties that can cause the formation of struvite crystals. Instead of giving your dog commercial food, why not feed your dog homemade dog food? Homemade dog food can be made especially by you; therefore you can be sure that the food the dog is eating is indeed safe and free from any contamination of harmful chemicals or organisms.
3. Avoid giving your dog foods which contain excessive amounts of protein. Too much protein can alter the pH level of your dog’s urine, leading to the formation of struvite crystals.
4. Ensure that your dog gets enough exercise regularly. You can do this by taking your dog out for a walk everyday. Exercise can help regulate his urination pattern and can lead to a healthier bladder. Moreover, exercise can help alleviate stress in dogs. It can also boost the dog’s overall good health.
5. Encourage your dog to have a regular urination pattern.
6. Give your dog a dose of homeopathic remedy every day. Homeopathic remedy can boost the dog’s overall health by strengthening its immune system. It is 100% safe so you do not have to worry that your dog might suffer from any unwanted side effects.

Preventing the manifestation of struvite crystals in your dog can be easy if you take proper care of your pet. The steps given above are easy to administer and can be helpful in promoting your dog’s good health. Rather than watching your dog suffer from the constant recurrence of struvite crystals and constantly bringing him to the vet for medication, take the necessary steps in preventing the occurrence of crystals.
Melissa Simmonds is a dog lover and owns several dogs herself. She knows how frustrating it is when dogs have struvite crystals. She has since learned some valuable ways of preventing struvite crystals in dogs. She has discovered that one of the best ways to prevent struvite crystals is by giving the dog a dose of homeopathic remedy.


  1. I didn't even know this was a common problem. I had a dog get parvo. It was depressing. :(

  2. Thanks, when I get a Dog I'll do stuff to it