Sunday, September 19, 2010

Selecting Your Favorite Photograph For Your Girl's First Birthday Photo Invitations

Was is it only yesterday that you were holding your bundle of joy in your arms? Time sure seemed to fly by and now your little princess is finally turning one. A child's first birthday is very special for both your baby and parents. When it comes to invitations, you can either go in for purchasing baby birthday invitations or creating special first birthday photo invitations that will surely impress the guests.

If you are putting your creativity at test, then you might first need to choose a favorite photograph of your girl. Many parents have their babies taken to professional photographers since they have knowledge on how to capture the right image of babies in their natural environment. In addition to this, they also have software and tools that can enhance the quality of the photographs and make them look clearer and brighter.

The next thing that you might want to consider is to have copies taken of your favorite photograph from a printer. Multiple photos for 1st birthday photo invitations is the latest trend which has been adopted by many parents since you get to paste a number of special photos of your baby girl. Keep the guest list at hand, so that you get an idea on how many copies that you'll need to take out for the photo invitations.

Many of us do not have the time or patience to make copies of the birthday invitations. In such cases, you can always take the assistance of online photo processors that help you getting the desired results with the favorite photo of your baby girl. All you have to so is upload your favorite picture and tell them what changes are required and when you want them.

Now that the copies have be made, it is time to create the first birthday photo invitations cards. For this, you might need pink, purple, lavender, rose colored paper and colored pens. You can even purchase glitter glue or powder to give the invitations a shiny look. Start by cutting out the paper in the shape of the number 1. You can first do a trial on scratch paper and use this as a guide for the final colored paper.

The wordings that will go inside the card can either be simple or creative. You can just write something like "It's Fun to Be 1" and have the number 1 decorated in the shape of a candle or crayon. These wordings can either be written just below the favorite photo of your baby girl or on the insides of the baby birthday invitations cards.

Planning on making the 1st birthday photo invitations more fun filled? Then why not create captions in the form of bubbles and place them near your baby girl's photo. Make it look like she is happily screaming out her age to the guests. In addition to this, you can even draw balloons or have pictures of teddy bears, Disney characters stuck all around the invitations. If you have pink lace or ribbons, use them to adorn the borders of the invitation cards.

Choosing your favorite photograph gives a different meaning for the first birthday photo invitations of your girl. You can save a copy of these invitations for your scrapbooks so that you can show them to your baby girl when she is big enough to understand. In addition to this, she will be eternally grateful to you for making this party a huge success.
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  1. Thanks for the tips. I don't have a kid, but I probably will some day

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