Saturday, September 18, 2010

Justin Bieber: Why You Should Be A Fan

Unless you are a tween age girl you may not see the appeal of or even know who Justin Bieber is. That’s quite understandable, as at this point he really has no appeal beyond this rabid and vapid core audience group. But while I thankfully have never heard more then a few short notes of his music, I must admit Bieber Fever and the psychology of the mania behind it fascinate me.

I don’t actually use Twitter, still one day I stumbled across the Twitter Trending Topics page and saw Justin Bieber on it. I had no idea who or what he was, but if it’s trending on Twitter it must be important! Right?

So I searched Google Trends for Justin Bieber and lo and behold he appeared out of nowhere 18 months before and skyrocketed to one of the busiest topics on the Internet?! This was more then a fad, it is more like a new stage in evolution of the Internet, truly something that has never been seen before.

Being both over the age of 12 and a heterosexual male I have some difficulty appreciating the reasons why Justin Bieber is so popular. I am sure I would not like his music if I was ever forced to endure it. From his video clips, personality wise, he seems like some one who will grate on your nerves after a few short minutes of exposure. You know, an annoying kid.

But I have to say I do admire Justin Bieber. Not for musical talent, which he probably has. At least he does play some instruments and is not just a singer. No, I am impressed with Bieber because the kid works his ass off. Yes he does have a big record label behind him giving him support and training. Even so in order to be so universally known he needs to be constantly touring, tweeting, and appearing all over the globe. He has an incredible work ethic. Two years ago he was just another kid from a working class neighborhood. Today he is a globe trotting celebrity and international superstar brand name.

His fame fortune were not just handed him, he works hard for it. In today’s world people seem to think they are entitled to being rich and famous just for putting out a sex tape or being a reality show TV contestant. Justin Bieber is a star because he is out there every day busting his ass.


  1. I dislike Justin Bieber and what he stands for.

    He was created so little girls would buy his albums and merchandise.

  2. or you know. he's a teen heart throb who the girls are gaga over.

  3. lol wat the ... anyways return the favor. k thanks

  4. still not a fan but i'll support your blog