Friday, September 24, 2010

Facts About Muay Thai And Self-defense

Looking for a great starting place for self-defense I came across Muay Thai. My interest in learning more about Muay Thai lead me to different useful facts about the tricks that are involved in this art. It is very effective and has been very largely approved by people round the world. The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai also known as 'Thai Boxing' actually originated for use in the battlefield by the Thai army.

In the arena of kickboxing the "King of the Ring" title refers to Muay Thai. The greatest proof of Muay Thai being practical for self defense is the application of the techniques in the wars. Gradually it spread all over the world as an entertaining sport and though earlier there were no specifically set rules gradually, rules were implemented.

Muay Thai as a self-defense strategy

The common relation that is mistakenly drawn between the Muay Thai is to that of kickboxing but in reality there is vast difference among the concepts of Muay Thai for self defense and kickboxing. Muay Thai though is basically a sport which is ring based and is great for self protection. Thus it is very effective and has been very largely approved by people round the world.

If you need to defend yourself from any sudden contingencies do learn the skill of Muay Thai as it will prove very sensible. Through this training you will be taught to defend your self and you will know how to shape up your body so that you can triumph over any assailant.

It is also true that undergoing the training is not any easy task. But if you succeed you can increase your level of self-defense skill to a great extent. You will learn the techniques and you will be using different weapons including punches, striking with the elbows and knee, and if you can use the low kick it can be quite devastating.

When you are defending yourself a great low kick at the rival's leg will be highly effective. In fact it is known that when you perfectly apply the process there is a possibility of breaking the femur bone of the assailant. Despite your efficiency level not being very high merely bringing the act into play can work effectively.

If you are acquainted with this form of art you can easily apply it for self defense since this art form is much handier than any other martial arts practiced. This is because while you are being attacked you may not have any weapon but your different body parts which can become a weapon through Muay Thai training.

If you want good self defense knowledge you must train with a good trainer and you will be able to learn the fighting system and how to counter strikes and strike back to cause damage to others when required. Also you will become much more self-confident and disciplined. You will also have to learn to have a high opinion of and respect for the other various martial arts forms like karate, judo, kung fu etc.
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