Thursday, September 16, 2010

Basic Shitzu Dogs Info You Should Discover In Advance

A dog is a frequently domesticated animal. Dogs have different breeds, explaining why they have varying appearances. If you want a small lovely dog, a Shitzu is perfect. Shitzu dogs belong to the toy breeds, and their name means a ‘lion dog’ in Chinese. According to reliable research studies, this dog existed in China since the 17th century. They particularly existed in the famous region of Tibet. Since Shitzus are small dogs, they are mainly safer inside the house.

They are sensitive dogs that cannot endure the hot summer heat or the winter freezing cold. If your child requires a dog, a Shitzu dog is perfect. Its tiny body has long, pretty hair cover that requires constant grooming. In short, this dog breed requires special care than most dogs available. Anyone who wants to buy the Shitzu should learn how to care for it in advance. The following are important tips one should know about Shitzu dogs.

• Grooming – As mentioned above, Shitzu’s have very long hair covering their tiny bodies. If a dog owner ignores regular grooming practices, the animal could look very unkempt. You should use a comb to groom their hair everyday. Use a good spray to maintain the hair sheen and softness. Grooming is a good activity to assign your kids.
• Haircut – A Shitzu is a sweet pretty dog whose hair requires regular trimming. Mostly, you should trim the hair around the dog’s eyes to enhance them, and to prevent illness.
• Exercises - This tiny dog needs regular exercises. Some experts suggest a fifteen to twenty minutes walk. You could walk your dog around your locality, outdoors or indoors. This pet cannot do without daily workouts and play. You could allow your children to play with the dog each day. Make sure you do not let the sweet little puppy play with your baby girl or boy. The puppies have very sharp teeth and could bite the baby.
• Dog types – These dogs come in a wide range of colors. In fact, you can find an extremely rare color on these dogs. Mostly, the pets have deep black, deep red, or a combination of black and white or red and white colors. Generally, both female and male dogs have a solid color only or two colors only.
• Dog appearance – The main features that distinguish dogs; include the head, ears, nose, hair size, snout, teeth and so on. They tend to have a round head, black nose, drooping ears, and a short square snout. In addition, it has bountiful of hair around the ears, and has a mustache and beard. Its body coat is long and thick.
• Health issues – They require proper care and protection to prevent health problems. If you maintain good sanitation, feeding and exercise standards, this dog is easy to care for. You should search for extra health issues info on the dog though.
• Buying dog online – It is a good thing that the shopping exercise has become very simple. You only have to do it online. Look for genuine and reputable dog websites that offers enough information as well.
If you wish to have a sweet loving dog, shitzu dogs are ideal. They are friendly dogs with a special love towards their masters. All the tiny dogs should have is a good play, food, grooming, and intense love and care.
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